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This steady stream of journeys represents a vibrant audience for your advertisements, offering your brand continuous exposure to a wide and varied clientele.

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Engage our passengers with our dynamic platform for your brand to share its story, showcase products, or highlight services directly to an attentive audience.

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This extensive customer base underlines the vast potential reach for your advertisements, ensuring your message resonates with a broad and diverse group of individuals.

3 great reasons to advertise your business

Targeted Local Exposure

Advertise your business with CabCo to place your brand at the forefront of Canterbury’s daily commute, offering unparalleled access to a targeted local audience. With over 10,000 monthly bookings, your advertisement reaches a diverse yet localized group of passengers, ensuring that your message resonates with individuals who are most likely to engage with your business. This targeted approach maximizes your advertising spend, connecting your brand with potential customers right in your community.

Engaged Captive Audience

Our passengers spend between 5 minutes and 2 hours in our cabs, providing a unique opportunity for prolonged engagement with your advertisement. Unlike traditional advertising mediums, where messages can be easily overlooked, CabCo’s in-car environment ensures that your ad captures and retains the viewer’s attention in a distraction-free setting. This intimate and personal advertising space means your message is absorbed more effectively, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Innovative Advertising Solutions

CabCo is the only taxi company in Canterbury that is offering such an innovative opportunity to advertise your business, providing two unique options that meet the demands of today’s consumers. With the impactful presence of on-screen videos in our taxis or the intimate approach of custom SMS messages after a ride, your business gains access to advanced advertising strategies that help you distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Maximize Visibility with On-Screen Advertising

Our fleet of 20+ cars is equipped with headrest screens, providing a dynamic platform for your on-screen advertisements. This option immerses passengers in a rich audio-visual experience, showcasing your brand’s message in a compelling format. Whether it’s a quick trip across town or a longer journey, your ad benefits from uninterrupted exposure, making it an ideal medium for storytelling, brand reinforcement, or highlighting promotions. This captive setting allows for creative, impactful advertising that engages customers and enhances their ride experience. It’s arguably the best way to advertise your business in Canterbury.

Advertise your business with headrest screens
Advertise your business with custom SMS

Custom SMS for Over 10,000 Customers Monthly

After experiencing the comfort and convenience of CabCo, our passengers receive a custom SMS, offering a direct line to over 10,000 customers monthly. This personalized approach allows you to tailor your message, whether it’s exclusive offers, reminders, or calls to action, directly to an engaged audience. The immediacy and personal nature of SMS marketing complement the positive experience of their CabCo journey, increasing the likelihood of conversion. By opting for custom SMS advertising, you leverage timely, direct communication, fostering a closer connection between your brand and potential customers.

Drive Your Message Home: Partner with CabCo for Targeted Advertising

Leveraging CabCo’s advertising platforms means aligning your brand with a service known for reliability and excellence. Our passengers, accustomed to the comfort and convenience we provide, present an audience that values quality. Advertising with us not only enhances your brand visibility but also associates your products or services with CabCo’s trusted reputation. This partnership offers the unique opportunity to advertise your business by building trust with potential customers through association, making your advertisement not just seen, but also respected.

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