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Taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay

Join Cabco Canterbury Taxis on a journey through the charming town of Herne Bay. Opt for the Taxi Canterbury to Herne Bay service for reliable 24/7 support on every occasion. Discover the lovely allure of Herne Bay’s seafront, from the iconic clock tower standing as a testament to the town’s heritage, to the rejuvenating walks along the pebbled beach that define the essence of this coastal haven. 

Our taxis provide direct, hassle-free rides across Herne Bay and its scenic surroundings. With drivers who know the area like the back of their hand, we guarantee timely and personalised service. Whether it’s a local outing or a trip to neighbouring towns, count on us for exceptional, tailored transportation that meets your every need.

Discover Explore Fall in love with Herne Bay!

In recent years, Herne Bay has become one of the top attractions in Kent, offering a range of activities and sights for visitors. Experience the historic charm of Herne Bay Pier, offering stunning sea views and entertainment for all ages. Venture to the Reculver Towers and Roman Fort to delve into the area’s rich history and enjoy a leisurely walk along the picturesque seafront, taking in the beauty of the Kent coastline. Make sure to visit the Herne Bay Museum to learn about the town’s fascinating past, and don’t miss the opportunity to see the striking sculptures of Barnes Wallis and Amy Johnson, celebrating notable figures linked to the town.

If you need a taxi for a long trip, like coming from London and going back, CabCo Canterbury Taxis can help. We offer reliable taxi services to and from Herne Bay. You can count on us for a comfortable ride. Herne Bay is a fantastic destination in Kent, and CabCo Canterbury Taxis makes exploring it easy and comfortable.

Get a quick and reliable taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay

Whenever you are travelling from Canterbury to Herne Bay there is always a CabCo taxi just 5 minutes away. However, if you need a ride from Herne Bay to Canterbury or any other place, we recommend you pre-book your taxi as it can take around 25 minutes for your driver to arrive. You can manage your pre-bookings by call us, on our mobile app or even with our WhatsApp taxi bot.

Herne Bay Taxi Airport Transfers

CabCo's Herne Bay taxi service provides straightforward airport transfers for everyone in Herne Bay and surrounding areas. Whether you're flying out or returning home, our reliable airport transfers provide a seamless connection between Herne Bay and all major airports. You can relax knowing that your travel plans are in capable hands. Book your airport transfer for peace of mind and a stress free experience.

Heading out to a party or an event?

Got a big night planned? Maybe it’s that long-awaited concert in London or a must-see show in Canterbury. Whatever’s on the agenda, start the experience off right with a ride from us here in Herne Bay. Instead of driving yourself, book a direct ride! Forget the stress of driving, the puzzles of parking, and the hassle of navigating back roads or city streets. Choose Herne Bay Taxi Services by CabCo and travel in style.

A Fleet for Every Need

Saloon Cars: Perfect for up to 4 passengers, offering comfort and efficiency for smaller groups or individual travellers.

Executive Cars: Choose our executive vehicles for that extra touch of luxury and professionalism, ideal for business travel or special occasions.

MPVs: Traveling in a group? Our MPVs accommodate larger groups comfortably, making them ideal for families or group outings.

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Booking methods

Booking your next taxi with us is straightforward and user-friendly, offering several quick options to secure your taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay. You can book via phone, through our online taxi booking system, or by utilising the CabCo App.

Use the CabCo App for the most efficient experience; it enables you to summon a Cabco taxi to your location with just a few taps — eliminating the need for phone calls. The taxi app also allows you to schedule a taxi in advance, providing the option to give your driver detailed instructions, choose your preferred route, and make any specific requests or notes. Once your taxi is on its way, you can track its arrival in real time on a map. The app’s design focuses on simplicity, making it incredibly easy to navigate.

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Looking for a taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay?

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay?

Typically a taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay will cost around £23-£24.50 depending on traffic. Please note that this estimate is on the standard tariff and that during the night, it can be more expensive.

No. You will not pay per person for a taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay. It’s the same price for 1 to 4 passengers in our saloon cars. You will be quoted a slightly higher price for more than 4 passengers when using an MPV.”

We accept both cash and all major cards. If someone else will pay for your ride we can send a secure payment link.

Yes. When booking through the app or online we provide secure payment methods. On some occasions you may be asked to pay in advance even when you book by phone. In those cases we never ask for your payment details by phone. Instead we will text you a secure payment link.

You can call us on 01227455455book online, via WhatsApp or through our CabCo mobile app. You can also book in advance, or manage your existing booking.

Typically around 25 minutes, but it depends on the time of the day and how close your driver is when receiving the order. We always assign the jobs to the closest driver to the pick-up location. For a taxi from Herne Bay to Canterbury we advise you book in advance for the best experience.

Indeed, we actually recommend it if you are travelling with a child in a taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay! We can provide taxis equipped with child seats upon request. Please mention your specific booking requirements to ensure suitable accommodations are made.

Yes, we offer pet-friendly taxis as part of our Taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay services. Please inform us at the time of booking if you plan to travel with a pet so we can ensure your needs are appropriately accommodated.

We can provide wheelchair-accessible vehicles upon request for your Taxi from Canterbury to Herne Bay journey. Please ensure you specify this requirement when booking your CabCo taxis, as not all our vehicles are equipped for accessibility. To minimise waiting times, we advise pre-booking your ride well in advance.

It’s the same as any other taxi. At CabCo we don’t charge extra for a wheelchair taxi.

No, the tariff for the customer is the same as any other taxi. Our drivers are trained to look after you and assist you in getting in and out of our cars.