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CabCo Canterbury Taxis has been delivering local taxi services to homes, offices, bars & nightclubs and daily commuters since 1988, operating around the clock, 365 days a year. We are renowned for providing competitive and efficient Canterbury taxi services while also covering Herne Bay, Whitstable, Faversham and surrounding areas. 

Our extensive range of local taxi services is designed to meet the diverse needs of all our customers. Whether you require a taxi for a local trip in Canterbury or a speedy connection between East Kent towns and villages, you can always rely on us.

Your personal friendly experienced local taxi guide

See the best of Canterbury and its surroundings with the guide of our experienced drivers. Our Canterbury taxi service offers you a personal and convenient way to explore the area’s landmarks, from the historic Canterbury Cathedral to the beautiful coastlines of Herne Bay and Whitstable and all the way to the majestic cliffs of Dover.

With us, you get a straightforward, friendly service that fits your schedule and interests. Whether you’re here to soak in the rich heritage, enjoy the scenic views, or discover local secrets, our knowledgeable drivers are ready to take you there and tell you the best stories.

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Discover Cabco's Special Events Transportation with Canterbury Taxi Service

Special occasions require a special treat! Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, heading to prom night, or marking another milestone, we ensure your journey is as splendid as the event itself.

Our fleet of luxurious vehicles offers both elegance and comfort, providing the perfect backdrop for your celebrations. With Cabco, you can expect a Canterbury taxi service that is punctual and reliable service, ensuring you and your guests arrive in style and on time. Let us be part of your special day, offering a seamless and stress-free travel experience that adds to the joy of your celebration.

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Went shopping and got carried away? Happens all the time. We'll give you an extra hand with your bags and get you home just in time to pop the ice cream in the freezer.

Train Cancellation

Your train is cancelled again? Not to worry, we'll get you home no matter how remote or far it is. There will be a taxi waiting for your regardless of the weather or the time of day.


Need to go for a treatment or to go home after a trip to Minor Injuries? You can expect a punctual driver and a smooth ride to make you feel better and get you home safe.

Multi Drop-Off

Sharing is caring so many people just share their ride. You can easily set multiple drop-off or pick-up points when you book by phone or using our mobile app.

Inter City Rides

If you want a direct taxi ride between cities that offers a relaxing alternative to trains and buses, our Canterbury taxi drivers are here for you! Need to get a taxi from Canterbury to Dover or Canterbury to Ashford? Have a meeting in Ramsgate? Or maybe a day out with the kids at Margate Dreamland? We’ve got you covered. Skip the hassle of public transport and enjoy the comfort of our taxis for business, leisure, appointments, or entertainment.

Concert Transportation Services

Specialising in all types of taxi services, we’re here for music lovers and festival-goers across Kent and beyond. Whether it’s an intimate gig in Canterbury, a vibrant festival in Dover, or an electrifying show in Ashford, our Canterbury taxis ensure you arrive punctually and comfortably.

But why stop at Kent? We offer direct, stylish rides to concerts across London’s top venues, including the O2 Arena, Wembley, and the Royal Albert Hall. Our Canterbury taxi service extends to all of London’s top entertainment venues, giving you the freedom to immerse in the city’s many musical offerings.