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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a taxi in Canterbury?

Currently we have 3 different tariffs:

– T1 Daytime from 7 am 22:59, Monday to Saturday.

– T2 Night Time from 23:00 to 6:59 Monday to Saturday + Sunday the whole day & Bank Holidays

– T3 Special on Christmas day, Boxing day and 1st and 2nd of January

Tariff ~2 miles ~5 miles ~10 miles ~20 miles Waiting
T1: Day
£0.33 / min
T2: Night
£0.5 / min
T3: Special
£0.66 / min

A taxi ride from Herne to Canterbury will cost £30.10, but the cost may increase at night.

A cab from Canterbury to Ashford usually costs between £39 and £41.50 on a standard tariff. However, the fare may be higher during the night. 

The cost for a cab from Canterbury to Faversham will cost you around £26.50-£28.50, depending on traffic. Please note that this estimate is on the standard tariff and that during the night it can be more expensive.

Typically, a taxi from Canterbury to Dover will cost around £41, depending on traffic. Please note that this estimate is based on the standard tariff and that it can be more expensive at night.

During the day, a taxi from Canterbury to Folkestone will be £44.10. During the night, the price will increase to £57.50.

The taxi journey cost from Canterbury to Margate is £41.50 on the standard tariff. However, during the night, the cost increases to £54.10.


Canterbury and Deal are only 18 miles (28 km) apart by road, which takes around 30 minutes, depending on traffic. Alternatively, you can take a bus or train, although the journey may be slightly longer.

A cab from Maidstone to Canterbury costs £68.10 on a standard tariff. At night, the price will be £88.90.