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Top May Events in Kent: Explore with CabCo Canterbury Taxis

Join the excitement in Kent this May with CabCo Canterbury Taxis! From the vibrant Rochester Sweeps Festival to the adrenaline-pumping Inflatable 5k at Brands Hatch, we provide reliable and comfortable transportation to all major events. Experience hassle-free travel and make the most of Kent’s festive offerings with CabCo.
Top May Events in Kent. Nice couple having fun at the festival

As we draw closer to May, CabCo Canterbury Taxis is excited to showcase some of the most lively and thrilling May events in Kent. Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, there is a plethora of activities waiting for you to explore and enjoy. Rest assured, we are here to make your travel experience comfortable and convenient.

Your Go-To Taxi Service for May Events in Kent

Rochester Sweeps Festival – May 4-6

Kick off your May with a flourish at the Rochester Sweeps Festival, a colourful celebration set against the backdrop of historic Rochester High Street. This festival is a folk enthusiast’s dream, boasting one of the world’s largest gatherings of Morris dancers. Dive into the rhythm of folk music, engage in dance workshops, and revel in the spectacular parade through the medieval streets. It’s the perfect event to welcome the spring, and CabCo will get you there in style, right on time for each performance.

Early May Bank Holiday – May 6

The Early May Bank Holiday is a beacon for relaxation and enjoyment. While specifics for local events in Kent on this day remain under wraps, it’s a wonderful opportunity to explore the area’s scenic beauty and charming locales. Plan a bespoke tour with CabCo and uncover hidden gems throughout Kent at your own pace.

Inflatable 5k at Brands Hatch – May 18

For those who fancy a dash of adrenaline, the Inflatable 5k at Brands Hatch promises exhilarating fun for all ages. Picture a race through gigantic inflatable obstacles on the iconic motor racing circuit. It’s a unique blend of challenge and laughter, making it an unmissable event for families and friends alike. Let CabCo handle the logistics so you can focus on the fun.

Faversham Festival of Transport – May 18-19

Automobile aficionados will not want to miss the Faversham Festival of Transport. This splendid showcase features an array of classic cars, buses, and motorcycles. Stroll through Faversham’s charming town centre, enjoy live music, and indulge in delicious food and craft stalls. CabCo provides hassle-free rides to and from the festival, ensuring you don’t miss a moment of this classic event.

Hever Festival at Hever Castle – Starting May 25

Step into a world of theatrical wonder at the Hever Festival, held in the enchanting surroundings of Hever Castle. The festival includes a mix of musical performances, historical enactments, and theatrical shows in a brand-new theatre setting. Whether you’re a history buff or a theatre lover, there’s something here to captivate everyone. Travel with CabCo for a comfortable and punctual arrival, leaving you relaxed and ready to enjoy the festivities.

Late May Bank Holiday – May 27

Another public holiday that invites you to unwind and explore. Although specific events in Kent are still being finalised, it’s an ideal time to plan a leisurely day out. Whether it’s visiting Kent’s stunning coastlines or its lush countryside, CabCo is at your service, offering smooth and safe transportation wherever you choose to go.

Rock the Mote at Mote Park – May 31 – June 2

Conclude your May with Rock the Mote, a fantastic tribute band festival in the verdant expanses of Mote Park. Featuring an array of the UK’s best tribute acts, this festival is perfect for music lovers of all ages. Enjoy big stages, diverse musical genres, and a complimentary funfair, all in a family-friendly atmosphere. Rely on CabCo to get you there effortlessly, allowing you more time to rock out and less time worrying about parking.

Book Your Ride with CabCo Canterbury Taxis

With so much happening in Kent this May, ensure your travel plans are sorted with CabCo Canterbury Taxis. We’re committed to providing you with reliable, friendly, and swift taxi services, no matter your destination. Book your ride today and make the most of these fantastic events. Here’s to a fun-filled May with CabCo, where your journey begins with us!

This May, Kent buzzes with excitement, hosting events from the festive Rochester Sweeps Festival to Rock the Mote’s vibrant music. With CabCo Canterbury Taxis, enjoy seamless travel to immerse fully in the festivities. Choose CabCo for reliable, punctual, and comfortable rides to all major events. Book your journey today and experience Kent’s best events without a hitch.

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