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The lost phone

It's about half 9 on a quiet, unremarkable Thursday. A job from the University pops up and I’m the closest driver. Two girls, looking all kinds of worried, get in and ask to head downtown. so I naturally get curious about got them so worked up. Turns out they were studying in some sort of public space earlier and one of the girl’s phone went missing. They ring it up, and some guy answers. He's vague about how he ended up with her phone but agrees to hand it back at this specific address.

Now call me crazy, but where I come from that’s a whole box of red flags. I’m thinking, at best, this guy’s after a finder’s fee; at worst, we’re walking into some sketchy human trafficking plot. Surprisingly, the girls don’t seem to share my concerns. They’re more concerned about missing out on their social media and losing their precious photos. I mean, doesn’t everything live in the cloud these days? Surely, just getting a new phone and restoring data from the cloud would solve the issue.

But what fun would that story be? So, we’re minutes away from this mystery handover, and I’m mentally prepping for all sorts of scenarios. I’m on high alert, ready to memorize faces, details, my finger hovering over ‘999’ on my phone, and figuring out how to park for a quick escape.

We pull up to the place. It’s not exactly dodgy, but it’s no picnic spot either. They call the guy, he steps out of a house, hands over the phone, and that’s that. No drama, no fuss, not a word exchanged. The girls are happy, I’m puzzled, the meter is running. 

I drive them back, still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. It’s one of those rides you just can’t quite make sense of. You draw your conclusions; I’m still scratching my head over it.

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